DSC_1024When we’re young, unless we have a health challenge, we rarely think about our health. Unfortunately it seems that it only comes into our awareness when we face a health challenge and when, as we get older, we feel the effects of age and neglect. Like many when I was younger I went to the gym to ‘stay in shape’. However the things I was shown were incomplete and some were just wrong. As we age our bodies change as does its needs. I’ve been fortunate in that I’ve always been aware of my body, of its imperfections and its strengths. However, I’ve seen many people suffer from years of neglect. But I’ve also witnessed the healing that can take place when someone has the desire and tools to heal. When my children were young I was motivated by the need to provide for my family. Now that they’re grown and have started their own lives I find I’m driven by the desire to help others. Over the years I’ve acquired various skills that I use to help others. The satisfaction I get from helping people find natural solutions to their physical, emotional and spiritual health drives me. I now help others by introducing them to alternative and complementary solutions to the various issues life hands us. I’ve studied and teach Qigong, ancient Chinese exercises for the body and mind. I’m a certified consulting hypnotist helping people create new and healthy patterns in their life. I’m a Reiki master teaching people how to bring balance to their life. I use essential oils for overall health and balance. And have a degree in metaphysical development.

When I look back over my life I find that, no matter what job I did, I was always helping people with various personal issues. I always thought that that was what friends did. When people ask how I help others heal I simply answer “I love them and help them Love themselves”. My life has been, and continues to be an education. There is always more for me to learn, and life is always more than happy to offer a new lesson.

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  1. I am interested in your service.Looking for???,maybe i will find them..I live in East Englewood, Fl.

  2. Hi Ed,

    First of all, thanks so much for the excellent reading on Saturday. You are the real deal!

    I couldn’t think of the infant boy my husband in spirit was referring to but after I got home it hit me! It turns out that I had made mention of this child to his mother (my step-granddaughter) that her son had some of his great-grandfather’s characteristics. Seems now it goes back to great-great-grandfather. I’d like to relay the message to her but not sure how she would receive information, as I don’t know if she is a believer in the afterlife or not. How would you suggest I approach her with a message?

    Also, you said if I emailed you, you would send me some very easy exercises I could do to help with arthritis in my body. However, my emails keep coming back to me saying undeliverable. I would appreciate any advice you can give me to help ease the discomfort without getting roped into another prescription drug.

    Again, thanks for all you do.

    Light and Love


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