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One thought on “Testimonials

  1. Rev Ed,

    You did a reading for me-I specifically asked you about a biopsy my daughter was scheduled to have Tuesday the 17th. You had said not to worry all will be well and you did not think she would need to have the operation on her liver. Well, I thought you would appreciate the validation of that reading. The biopsy came back fine and was not precancerous and the Dr stated that the grwoth would not need to be removed and that she should be able to carry children as well-which was one of the concerns and why they suggested removal.

    You were right on and I commend your reading and also for going on record-you must be very sure of your spirit guides. I have had reading where the medium would not have touched the ?-I was frankly surprised that you answered it so forthright.

    Thank you and I would like to schedule a longer reading with you. What is your schedule like.

    Sam D.

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